So...That's Awkward || Eli & Claire

Eli: Well then, that's what I'll call you from now on, Your Majesty.
Claire: Ooh, I just got goosebumps!

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ClaireXDerek // Closed // Lovers’ Paradise


"We’ll wait to make sure I get accepted," he says softly, swaying a bit with her in his arms. "I don’t know what I want to eat, Claire. Everything?" Derek kisses her temple and tilts his head, thinking. "Maybe cookies?" he teased. "No, what about some meatloaf…" Derek figured he was the only man he knew that actually liked the stuff and would eat it.

"How will we be able to keep this a secret?" she questions softly, pretending to pout up at him. But she would follow his instructions; she understood his reasoning behind it, anyways. "I’m sure you’ll get accepted," she begins softly, kissing him gently. Her body easily moves against his, enjoying the relaxing, swaying motion. "Meatloaf it is! Maybe I’ll make some cookies once you actually get accepted, yeah? You have to eat this cake, after all."

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ClaireXDerek // Closed // Lovers’ Paradise


"Excuse me! I was distracted by your face, darling. It’s a very distracting, beautiful face and I will always be distracted by it.” He presses kisses to her cheeks and along her jaw, happy. “I’m a grown man now. I’m not 17 and hormonal.”

"That is definitely a good point,” she muses softly, distracted herself by the feeling of his lips against her skin. “I’m sure you won’t even need my help, babe,” she continues softly, kissing him once again. “Why don’t you go break the news to Bee? And tell me what you’d like for dinner - you can have whatever you’d like tonight!”

Big News || Claire&Cole&Chloe


He’s completely obviously to the fact that he’d ruined their moment, and shrugs off Claire’s comment. Coles mind was somewhat innocent, like a child he was oblivious to most things and easily re-directed from topics. “why wouldn’t you just want to do it willingly?!” he laughs, maybe a little too loudly as the hallway echo’s causing him to fuck his head and wince “….I mean… It’d look awesome, Claire, think about it! ——- hell, if it was Halloween we could paint’a pumpkin on there too! —- there’s so many possibilities babe!!”

Claire can’t help but be entertained; his laugh has always been something that seems to fascinate her. It’s one of her favorite things in the entire world; even if it’s one of the loudest and most obnoxious sound in the world. She sweetly presses her lips to his temple once, fondly running her fingers through his short strands of hair. “Alright, alright! It’s definitely a possibility, okay?” she suggests softly, giggling yet again to herself. It was a cute idea; one that she would most likely agree to. She was all about doing that type of thing, and would need to start looking for different ideas of things that she could possibly do.

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ClaireXDerek // Closed // Lovers’ Paradise


Derek laughs and shakes his head playfully. “Claire, am I going to be in uniform our entire honeymoon?” he asks, ceasing the movements he was making to play with her hair and resting his hands on her. “You can even help me with my homework. I’ll have my own hot teacher

"Maybe," Claire teases, another wide grin tugging at her lips. She peers up at him again, seeming to melt into his embrace. "Oh? It’ll be just like before, when I would try to help your out with homework and studying and you’d be getting distracted all the time? You were difficult to teach even back then! What makes you think I’ll be able to get through to you this time?"

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