A Hand to Hold || Liam & Claire


Her voice is quiet, and Liam isn’t sure if that’s just her nature, or because she’s still shaken up from the robbery. Statistically, it’s lucky that nobody’s hurt physically. With the exception of the guy with the broken nose, everyone else remained physically unscathed.

"They’re trying to get the scoop, figure out what happened, get testimonials," he replied with a shrug, tucking his free hand into his pocket, "The intention is honest, but the methodology is certainly lacking. Going up to people who’ve just experienced awful things and asking nosy questions isn’t exactly the best way to go about doing it."

As they walked, Liam leading them to the small cafe that he frequented, he looked down at her, “Speaking of which. Are you alright? You seemed pretty shaken up inside. You’re not feeling faint, are you?”

Catching a girl who passed out on the street wasn’t exactly high on his list of priorities that day. Certainly not something he’s eager to do. The sooner she’s better and steady again, the better.

"Y-yeah. I’m alright. Or I’m getting there, anyways." Claire responds after a few seconds. The further they got away from the bank, the stronger she seemed to become. It was as if she was leaving all of her fears and frantic thoughts behind her. Her grip on Liam’s arm was even beginning to slacken considerably - no longer did she need to clutch onto his arm in order to stand. But that didn’t mean she was going to let go…not yet, anyway.

There was still a part of her which felt terrible. Surely she was being a burden; this man must not want to deal with some overreacting woman with shaky knees and puffy eyes. Sure, she knew she was slowly coming back to her senses and slowly achieving her normal appearance. She also knew that, no matter how hard she tried, there would still be something off about her now.

"So.." Claire begins again, hoping to keep him talking. The sound of his voice seemed to have an incredible effect on her, one that calmed her like no other. "Tell me what good things there are to eat at this cafe." She hoped that she would actually be able to eat some lunch; the least she would most likely get was a coffee.

Coffee always seemed to ease her worries no matter what.

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Need You || Claire & Jairo


Jairo’s eyes were glued on her the entire time, gauging her reaction to see if he might need to help her out of the car anyways. She looked tired… he couldn’t help but wonder how long it had been since she’d gotten a good night’s sleep. 

When she said she was ready, he nodded and got out of the car along with her. He was going for her bag when he realized that she was going for it. “Here… I’ll handle that.” he gave her a reassuring smile and took the bag from her before leading her towards his apartment, always making sure that she was following and that she was okay.

The trek up to the third floor felt like it took much longer than usual but he unlocked the door fast to reveal his almost too neat apartment. Too neat for a man anyways. He held the door for her and then locked it behind her. “Make yourself at home…” he muttered as he took her bag to his room, planning on letting her have the bed while she was there. “Do you want anything to drink?”

"Oh. Well, thank you, Jairo." Claire answers softly, her arms falling limply to her sides now that they had no task to complete. She follows behind him silently all the while her memories from the last time she had visited him in his home came flooding back to her. The sight of the other woman with him in his bed, the moment that had broken her considerably…

It’s not for a few moments until the brunette realizes they had reached their destination. For a while she lingers by the door, hazel eyes taking a sweep across the familiar room. “Clean like always,” she mumbles to herself, finally moving towards the couch to sit herself down on one end. She slips her shoes off before curling her feet underneath her, her arms wrapping around herself firmly. She thinks about his question for a few moments - if she drank, then surely this is the time she would request such a beverage.

"Can I have some coffee please?" she asks softly. She knows that the sweet and delicious aroma of her favorite drink would be more than enough to ease her frazzled nerves.

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Claire & Lucas



Lucas was in a rush and wasn’t quite looking where he was going. His friends were organising a party and he was already late to it. Glancing at his phone every couple of seconds as he weaved his way through the busy high street, Lucas wanted to be at the party already. 

The touch of the cold liquid against the shirt which then started to stick against his skin caused the boy to curse. “For fucks sake.” he mumbled, looking down at the shirt which was covered in coffee as he looked up at the girl who was babbling on about how sorry she was. 

Well no, he was officially late. Sighing he shook his head “It’s fine, it’s fine.” Lucas says, pulling the shirt as he looked down again. Taking the napkins he pressed it down against the wet fabric but it wasn’t really helping. “Maybe you should be more careful next time ey?” he suggested, shaking his head once more. 


Claire had already felt absolutely terrible about what she had done - and hearing his comment only caused her heart to sink further in her chest. She struggles to think of something to say or something to do; anything that could possibly fix the problem. There was no denying that feeling of dread inside of her; the one that wanted to desperately fix the problem she had caused.

"Y-yeah. I should be. I w-will, I mean." she speaks up at last, again letting her teeth sink into her bottom lip nervously. "Are you sure there isn’t something I can do for you?" she questions again, almost desperately. There’s an overwhelming feeling slowly consuming her - one in which she wants to make up for her clumsy ways. She was even willing to buy him a new shirt or wash his dirty shirt; anything to get into this man’s good graces.

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”.. Someone’s said it to you before.” He could tell by her reaction. 
"Who? Was it Clyde? Nah, Clyde’s too nice for that kind of shit." Ohoho. "Damien." Kyle had been around for a mere few days, but
he wasn’t dumb. He knew what was going on. “If Connor finds out 
pops is macking on his girl, and also speaking behind his back, I don’t know how close they’d be.” He raises his hands up defensively, a small smile on his face. “But I won’t tell.” 


Claire’s quite aware of the way her cheeks have been to flush, even the slightest bit. She can’t help but begin to feel herself growing more and more frustrated; why was everyone telling her how terrible Connor was? And why was she beginning to believe them?

"Just tell me why. Why you think that way.” She had been trying desperately to understand Damien’s logic, yet was struggling to do so. She thought that having someone on the outside could help. A different opinion. A different mind. A different voice.

Derek’s wedding ring //


"I’m not hungry," she said softly, shrugging and looking at them, her arms crossed over her chest. "Something’s going on and you two won’t tell me what it is even if I ask," she added, raising both eyebrows. "Something more. And here I have to meet your mom and I’m sure she hates me and I don’t like to see either of you stressed out," she exploded, throwing her arms up like her dad tended to do.

Again Claire’s teeth sink into her lower lip. She glances up at Derek - technically they were the cause of Phoebe’s sudden mood change. And the thought didn’t sit very well with the brunette. “…I know you’re not going to like this answer, Bee. But you need to be patient for just a little while longer. Until we find out what’s going on. I promise that we’ll tell you then.” she continues, squeezing Derek’s hand yet again. “I know things have been…well, hectic lately. And you’re doing so well already, Bee. So well. You just have to last a little while longer - and then we’ll be able to be a family like we’ve been wanting to be.”

Derek’s wedding ring //


He pressed a kiss to her lips before taking her in to the other room.  “Bee,” he said softly. “Eat or that’s it for dinner. No dessert.” She shot him a mad glance, narrowing her eyes in that very-Melissa way and he felt his hand grab Claire’s tightly. That look broke his heart all over again. “Seriously, Bee. I’m your father, not your friend. I like that you can…see me as someone you can trust, but I’m here for your well-being.” Again, that look, her chewing on her lip.

Claire can’t help but be positively amazed - how could one little girl have such a drastic effect on a single person? She misses the look Bee throws at her father, yet realizes something must have happened as soon as she feels his hand in her own yet again. She gives his hand a gentle squeeze, resting her free hand on his forearm before her eyes shift to the girl seated on the couch before them. “Why don’t you want to eat, Bee?” she questions softly, the curious tone detectable in her voice.



"I hate to break it to you,
         since you two are so close,

But Connor is nothing more than 
                         a grade A asshole.”


"…really? You too?”

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