i feel like i need ya’ll to start getting on my case and lecturing me for when it’s time to go to bed because gracious i can’t keep doing this i need my sleep and going to bed at eleven is late for me for school like i need to really stop doing this?????? like i feel like you all need to remind me to go to bed or something but then i’ll get grumpy if you do cause i just want to play with every single one of you all night and ugh

ClaireXDerek // Closed // Lovers’ Paradise


"How about we make omelets?" he suggested, knowing it would be something easy. Derek’s hand ran along her hair and he played with it softly, relaxing. "It’s kind of early," he whispered softly. "Do you want to rent a movie? Watch some tv?"

"Omelets sound perfect," she answers pleasantly, eyes fluttering shut as he begins playing with her hair; a feeling she’s always enjoyed. "Movie," she decides, eyes still closed while she revels in his touch. "But you pick. I don’t feel much like deciding anything just yet." she continues, reaching out so that her hand frames his face, gently stroking his cheek.

Conference || Scott & Claire



Well, at least she wasn’t laughing at him for stupidly suggesting more coffee. Still, he laughed at himself even as she said that it sounded nice. “Oh good. Good good”

Reaching for his jacket draped over the back of his chair he shrugged into it as she spoke again. He’d seen those gigantic cupcakes. Really, they were closer to just regular cakes than they were to cupcakes. “Ah, that sounds perfect. I’ll definitely split one with you.” He said.

Wondering if it would be too forward to offer his arm as they left the building, he put his hands in his pockets instead. The cafe wasn’t far at all, it would be a nice walk. The sun still held in its light the last warmth of summer, but the geese that flew over their heads was enough to remind them that winter was on its way, even if the breeze didn’t hold that sharp coolness.

"So…Claire, was it?" He asked, as if he was unsure, but really he wasn’t. "What made you want to be a teacher? I mean, just looking at you I can see that you are kind of made for the job, you just have that look, you know? But what drew you to it originally?"


Claire follows behind him easily, soon managing to meet his side. At first she struggles to keep pace with him, as her legs were no match to his long ones, but she manages to find a pace that works at last. Again her hazel eyes dart over to meet his, clearly quite pleased that he seemed to have remembered her name. Much more pleased than she truly should have been.

His question seems to throw her off. It’s one she’s answered - one more than one occasion, truthfully. And for some reason she wants this answer to beat all answers, to impress him, to keep his interest in her. Interest? Claire thinks to herself, clearly surprised with herself. He has no interest in me. I’m jumping to conclusions I shouldn’t.

"That question? Really?" she teases, biting down onto her lip as her eyes met his yet again. "Why does anyone choose to be something? I suppose I just had excellent teachers growing up. And I wanted to have that impact on someone like they did with me." she answers honestly, forcing her eyes away, instead looking ahead. "But the real reason? …because I’m still a kid myself.” she grins to herself, hands lightly swinging beside her as she moved. “Enough about me. Tell me, Scott - what pulled you in to such a job?”

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ClaireXDerek // Closed // Lovers’ Paradise


He chuckled and kissed her back, relaxing his entire body. “I like keeping you safe, honey,” he said softly, his seafoam eyes looking at her. “Please tell me that I rank over the dog,” he said with a small pout. “Because if not, I’m going to really be pitiful.” Derek rolled over on his side and wrapped an arm around her protectively. “She’ll be home in the morning. Mom’s bringing her about nine or so. We’ll have a few days with her before she goes to see her grandparents in Virginia.”

"Hm…" Claire muses, yet her answer seems already written all over her face. "Of course you do, silly. You’ve always been first. Always." she adds, voice growing considerably softer the longer she spoke. "But you should know that, I’d think." she continues, moving her neck so that she can nuzzle her face back into the crook of his neck happily. "We should make her some breakfast or something for her to come home too." she suggests, believing she was still fully capable of such a task no matter what.

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[text: Scotty]: Now I know you said this happened before.
[text: Scotty]: When one of the kids brings a knife or gun.
[text: Scotty]: But I can’t stop thinking about you and thinking these terrible things and I’m just scared, really scared.
[text: Scotty]: Because I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.
[text: Scotty]: So I’ll keep texting you every half hour just to be sure.
[text: Scotty]: I’ll even give you all my olives.

ClaireXDerek // Closed // Lovers’ Paradise


Derek laughed and ran a hand through Lance’s fur, smiling to himself. That dog had become his best friend in a sense and he was glad to have him there to ease that first night. He scooted close to her and gave her a kiss on her temple. “Looks like he missed you,” Derek said softly as Lance laid his head down on Claire and continued to look at her with admiration.

After a moment, he lay back in the bed and sighed softly. “I’ve got to say that the dog is getting to big to be in your lap, Claire.” And it was true, but Lancelot still saw himself as tiny, apparently, and tried to fit all of himself in her lap, but ended up with his body along her legs.

"Well I missed him too," she muses in return, smiling over in Derek’s direction as he comes even closer to her. Leaning forward she presses a single kiss to the pup’s head before lying back in return, her head directly beside Derek’s. She peeks back down again, to where Lancelot lie, as she stifles yet another laugh.

"I don’t mind, really. He’s warm and comfy. He makes me feel safe." Claire continues, sending another glance towards her fiance. "Like you." she continues, leaning forward to sweetly kiss him yet again. "Back with my two favorite guys." she whispers after a few moments of silence, absentmindedly stroking Lancelot’s fur with one hand while her other hand slowly strokes along Derek’s forearm. "I couldn’t be any happier. Unless Bee was here, of course. But I’ll get to see her later, yeah?"


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ClaireXDerek // Closed // Lovers’ Paradise


"It was all ceremony and boring," he said, changing into a pair of pajama pants and going to crawl into the bed with her. "They made speeches. Gave a few of us some rewards. I didn’t stay around to talk—I wanted out of Virginia as soon as I could…" Derek nuzzled his head against her neck and smiled.

Upon hearing voices, Lancelot came padding into the room, tail wagging. He had grown huge since they had started dating and was quite the big baby most of the time. Lance sat at the foot of the bed and looked at them for a moment, tilting his head. “Ahh there’s the beastie,” he said, smiling. “C’mon Lance. Up.”

"I’m sorry about that," she mumbles back, offering a tiny smile in his direction. She watches as he crawls towards her, finding that she scoots towards him to get even closer. "I’m glad to have you back." Claire admits. Even though she had been asleep the entire time he was gone, there seemed to have been a part of her which was completely aware of his absence.

Her eyes reluctantly drift away from Derek and towards their newest guest. What amazes her is the fact that her smile seems to grow at an impressive size. “Lance!” she exclaims happily, watching the way he bounds up onto the bed to join them. A giggle escapes her as she places her coffee cup off to the side, hugging what she still considered a ‘puppy’ against herself once he somehow manages to drape his much larger body against her own. She giggles to herself again as he tries licking at her face, managing to cuddle himself closer and closer to her while she continues to hug him.

ClaireXDerek // Closed // Lovers’ Paradise


"They liked the look of it, but not the things I had to say," he said softly. "Sometimes, I think…I look older than I am," he said, looking a bit worried. "I always wonder if Phoebe’s friends are going to think I’m ancient or something."

He finally got her to his apartment without any other major setbacks and took her to the ground floor dwelling to unwind some. Derek took her into his room and changed clothes, glad to be out of the aforementioned uniform.

"You don’t look old, Der." Claire argues stubbornly, her voice seeming to strengthen, even if just a little. "It doesn’t matter what they think, and you know that. They think anyone older than twenty is old.” she reminds softly, again kissing the back of his hand.

She’s grateful to be out of the public eye and back into a place where they can be alone. What makes her even happier is to be back in his room, a place she felt like she hadn’t been in for centuries. Contently she climbs onto the soft mattress and snuggles herself under the covers. Still she holds onto her coffee cup while her hazel eyes seem to watch him closely. “I never asked you how that went today.” she remembers suddenly, eyes locked on his jacket still.